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Mindfulness and Meditation with Horses

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Most of us live fast paced lives in a fast paced world. Horses have a few paces, but their favourite is being stood relaxed munching on some grass or hay, having a snooze, or grooming each other. For them, low calm, relaxed energy is the foundation upon which they connect with the world and life. Mindfulness and meditation with horses allows you to tune into their way of being; the peace and serenity at their core and the warm and loving energy they transmit.

Mindfulness is about being in the present moment. It is utilised now in formal interventions to treat depression, anxiety, addictions, and for improved overall wellbeing. There is significant scientific evidence supporting its effectiveness. The same goes for meditation. Yet meditation can reach deeper spiritual levels and create a feeling of connectedness to the more subtle levels of the soul. It allows you better access to your truth and provides healing and peaceful connection to all of life.

Come away feeling more content and inspired after spending quiet time with our horses. Who are excellent teachers of this way of being, an innate universal tool that has been harnessed through the ages and is now gaining scientific and formal support.

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Mindfulness and Meditation with Horses: Service
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